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Seeds and Sustainable Agriculture

On the farm we produce vegetables and herbs. From this produce we take seeds to sustain our farm, however we are always in need of additional organic seeds and appreciate donations from volunteers.

Our "Biodigestor" is a technology which uses manure to create methane gas. We then use the methane gas for cooking and heating.
Solar Cooking

When there is sun we use our solar cooker for beans, rice, potatoes and hot water.
Biological Control

We practice biological control making some liquids with aromatic and toxic herbs like Reina de la Noche, Pichichío, Barbasco and Ruda.

From our natural toilet we produce compost to be used in the forest.
Worm Farm

Our goats produce a lot of manure, which we use to feed worms with. They in turn produce the best soil.
Organic Material

We use our left-over foods in three ways:
•For goats: they eat fruit peels.
•For chickens: they eat cooked leftovers and old bread.
•For compost: all other material and foods.

The organic compost has green grass, dry grass, banana trees, old fruits, sugar cane, wood waste and manure which we process to make excellent compost for enriching the soils

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