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   Brigitte Draabe
Nationality: German
Brigitte is the founder and general director of the farm. She is responsible for coordinating all volunteer work on the farm. Brigette primarily works in the agricultural area however, she is involved in and knowledgable about all parts of the program at finca La Flor.
   Vinicio Gómez
Nationality: Costa Rican
Vinicio is in charge of all farm contacts, administration and financial business. He has studied tourism and now helps to promote the Farm as an agro-ecotouristic destiny, making sure community families have a social, economic, cultural and environmental benefit. He is also a Spanish lanugage teacher and works to help volunteers in their efforts at the language institute.
   Eugenia Gómez
Nationality: Costa Rican
She plays an incredibly important role on the farm as she prepares meals for all volunteers and staff, works in administration and dedicates herself to agriculture, animals and all aspects of our farm. She always welcomes and appreciates offers for help in all that she does.
   Wilber Herrera
Nationality: Costa Rican
He is an important member of the staff as the primary care taker of the animals and is involved in both maintaining the health and well-being of the animals as well as helping the volunteers learn how to work in this area.
   Elisa Sandoval
Nationality: Costa Rican
Elisa works during the evening to prepare healthy, vegetarian meals while also interacting with volunteers and staff to help maintain all aspects of our farm.

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